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Joey Cuties® Terms & Condition


 By entering the Joey Cuties® Website or Social Media Account, you would have to follow and agreed to the Terms and Condition stated

by the Joey Cuties® Company as below;


Terms & Condition on Visiting, Accessing, Viewing, Sharing, Downloading, Uploading Joey Cuties® Website & Social Media Content:


  1. You must be at the age of 18 and above to visit Joey Cuties Website or any social media account operated by Joey Cuties® company.

  2. You should not visit the website or any social media account operated by the Joey Cuties® company for the purpose of spreading hatred, causing chaos, stealing, hacking, downloading, uploading, any digital material from the Joey Cuties® website or from the Joey Cuties® social media account, a copyrighted material such as video and images, clipart located at submenu or any available page related to the Joey Cuties® ownerships.

  3. If you would like to use any of the digital or physical material owned by Joey Cuties® for positive purposes, you may request for permission first by sending a written email to Joey Cuties® official support email.

  4. You are only allowed to share the material that is available to share on the website for the purpose of promoting the product, or positive commentary without promoting hatred, or any illegal purposes.

  5. You should not use, download, upload any of the digital material on this website or from the Joey Cuties® official social media account for crime or illegal purposes against your country law.

  6. If you choose to spread hates by using any of Joey Cuties® product either digital or physical product, you agreed to be prosecuted by the hates and discrimination law subject to your country law constitutions.

  7. If you choose to use Joey Cuties® product either digital or physical product for an illegal purpose, Joey Cuties® may not responsible for your action against any criminal law that you imposed and prosecuted into.


Terms & Condition on Contacting & Visiting Joey Cuties® Company


  1. You should not be contacting Joey Cuties Company to causing spam in any form such as email, phone contact, website form, social media contact, customer support contact that interrupted the operation of the company.

  2.  You should not try to contact Joey Cuties Company in any form of contacts such as email, phone, or walk into the store or headquarters to post threats, violence, hatred, blackmail or any form of illegal acts either digital, internet, or physical way.

  3.  You should apply for an appointment before walk into the Joey Cuties Company for any purposes by drop an email to the Joey Cuties Support at

  4. You understand that the Joey Cuties Company contact detail such as company name, person-in-charge name, phone number, email, address as a private sensitive information and shall not be used to share to any person or any organisation for any illegal purposes or causing chaos or hatred. 


Terms & Condition of Data Protection and Privacy :


  1. All your personal information such as your name, delivery address, email, phone number, payment information would be kept secret and protected by Joey Cuties® company and Consumer Data Protection Act.

  2. Joey Cuties® would not use your information to share with any other company or any other person for any purposes.

  3. Joey Cuties® would only use your contact detail such as an email if you subscribe to the electronic newsletter or if you have purchased the Joey Cuties® product before for purposes of promoting a new Joey Cuties® product coming soon or on sales via email.

  4. Joey Cuties® would only use your contact detail to contact you if may require your feedback or action, order changes, or needed information in regards to your order or product that you purchased.

  5. You should not use Joey Cuties® contact details to spam the company via email or phone, or spread hatred, or perform any illegal contact purposes.



Terms & Condition of Payment Method & Safety :


  1. All payment that you made to the Joey Cuties® company would securely be provided via, an online wire transfer service that safely transfers the payment directed to the Joey Cuties Enterprise - Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) account in Malaysia. 

  2. You understand that there is a processing time for the payment to be fully accepted for usually it would take 2 or 3 working days for the payment to be completed by using a service. 

  3. Please follow the instruction properly on the Order Confirmation email that you received on how to complete the payment once you placed your order from Joey Cuties online store at https:///



Terms & Condition of Product Purchasing :


  1. All digital material, an actual product such as Pajamas, Apparel, Diapers, Accessories, Miscellaneous that is on sale is subject to the status of sales either in stock, out of stock, pre-order.

  2. All product that sold on this website may have a processing time, which may vary subject to the status of the product availability.

  3. The estimation processing time may take 1 to 3 business days for the product while in stock. 10 to 20 working days for the product while it's in pre-order status. Out of stock product would remained out of stock until further noticed.

  4. Joey Cuties® may request a permission from you to change the order to another order if the product that you purchased was currently out of stock for a very long time or the pre-order processing time beyond the working days suggested, or the specific product you ordered was no longer be able to be produced.

  5. All product would be delivered to you according to the product type, if you purchased a digital material, it would deliver to you digitally. If you purchased the product from the third party company from my artwork page,, the artwork would be delivered to you by the third party company that handle my artwork sales and transaction to you and you should agree to the third party sales and services as well. 


Terms & Condition of Product Delivery :


  1. All product that you have purchased may have a delivery time. The estimated delivery time provided by Pos Malaysia may take 6 to 11 working days or add 3 to 5 business days for the customs clearance.

  2. If you live far away from the main capital city, additional working days for the courier to reach and deliver the product may apply.

  3. All product on Joey Cuties® website would be able to be shipped out internationally to any part of your country that is safe to be landed by flight, an authorised shipping country destination.

  4. All product on Joey Cuties® website would be shipped out via flight delivery or Air Delivery Service by Pos Malaysia.  

  5. All product on Joey Cuties® website would be registered parcel which allows you to track and trace your product delivery status, location via Pos Malaysia track and trace website

  6. All product on Joey Cuties® website would be protected by insurance under Pos Malaysia Berhad (229990-M). courier delivery company for a registered insured parcel.


Terms & Condition on Refund, Claim, Order Inquiries :


  1. All claim or inquiries should be made directly to the Joey Cuties Support channel within 90 days of your purchased product starting the first day the product shipped out by dropping an email to with complete details of your order number and issue description.

  2. You may only allow applying for a claim or for refund or product exchange for a valid reason such as damaged product, or the parcel delivery got damaged, or product has been stolen.

  3. You may have to follow the detail instruction by the seller if you may be required to return the product to the seller is required or any specific instruction on return and exchange process.

  4. A written email to may require for you to make a claim contains your order number, the evidence, the problem description.

  5. You may only allow to make a claim by yourself and not by anybody else acting on behalf of your purchased product. 

  6. If you already received the product by the courier and you found a damage on the parcel and the product got damaged, you may take a picture or screenshots of the damage as an evidence for the incident for us to make a claim to the courier company.

  7. The claim and refund process may also have a processing time and working days applied subject to the type of incident report validation and subject to Pos Malaysia incident investigation & inquiries time.


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